We are starting a new project here at Making Queer History. Since we are working to expand our research materials, we will be enlisting our audience's help.

Essentially, we are doing an “adopt a book” system that allows our audience to help us grow our library. It will be set up in such a way that if anyone wants to send in a donation to the project, that money would go to buying a queer history book off of the projects wishlist. When you donate towards a book, your name (and possibly a message of your choice) gets written on the title page.

If you want to be a part of this program, send in a donation hereWe will also ask you to add a message along with the donation saying: 

“Foster a Library Donation
[If you want it to go towards a specific book off of the wishlist add the title and author]
[Message of your choice]”

If you are unable to donate the entire cost of a book, you can also donate a portion! In that case, your name will be on the page with everyone else who donated toward that particular book. I can take pictures and post updates on the books on the project’s Instagram.