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February Creator: Queer4Queer Podcast with Ash and Molly

Q4Q is a comedy podcast about LBTQIA dating and queer lifestyle hosted by Molly Pease, a queer/cisgender writer, and Ash Barker, a trans/nonbinary musician and artist. Each episode explores a different aspect of LGBTQ+ relationships. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter @Q4QCast. Don’t forget to check out their website at and support them on Patreon @fggcomic.

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Our inaugural project for MQH Now is the queer comedy podcast Queer4Queer. Queer4Queer is a comedy podcast about queer dating and lifestyle. Each episode explores a different aspect of LGBTQ+ relationships, including flirting, rejection, and dinner dates. The podcast stars Molly Pease and Ash Barker. Molly is a queer, cis writer from Georgia and Ash is a trans musician and artist from Tennessee. Molly and Ash started Queer4Queer because they wanted to have a project together. They’ve since launched more, including “Eat Rich,” a comedy zombie short with a focus on positive trans representation.

Molly and Ash’s approach to queer dating is sincere and not-too-serious. Queer4Queer offers the answers you’ve been looking for about queer relationships and introduces you to new queer artists and creators. The podcast has recently shifted to focus more on interviewing up-and-coming queer artists like C.J. Arellano and Rae Hamilton-Vargo. During their most recent episode with Rai Hamilton-Vargo, they discussed trans representation in media and took a karaoke break. With episodes ranging from online dating to Dungeons and Dragons to helping, Queer4Queer is sure to be a source of comedy and connection.

You can catch Queer4Queer on Thursdays on Don’t forget to check out our interview with Molly and Ash here on Patreon next week!