365 Days of Lesbians


This February to continue our look at queer creators for our audience to look at we explore another project about the members of our communities history with 365 Days of Lesbians. A project run by a group of writers that explores a different lesbian figure on every day of the year, and though they are just beginning they have already covered so many, including a couple we have looked at as well.

While there title suggests a certain exclusivity to the people they cover they do include multi-spec, and non-binary people as well, the title word lesbian is used for ease and brevity. And while they are just beginning they have already gathered a fairly long list of people they have looked at, just starting out on tumblr we are excited to see how this project grows and what they will do in the coming year. 

So in this month of February we are excited to look at this project and explore it further with all of you.