Somewhere In Between

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Our Project of the Month program is returning this April, and we will be focusing on Somewhere In Between.

Somewhere In Between is described as a web comic about bisexuality and gender queer experiences. For those of us who play for our own team.

The creator has an incredible art style. And not only do their comics display important parts of queer existence, they are also super relatable. So everyone should go check them out and stay tuned here as we continue our exploration of this project!


This month we had the pleasure of interviewing and working with the runner of the Somewhere in Between webcomic. We were lucky enough to discuss the work of the creator with the creator themselves, and we are proud to promote their work to you now.

With many queer creators just getting their start on the big wide internet, Somewhere in Between stands apart. The comic has a professional quality that is often lacking in other personal projects, and a personal touch that is often lacking in professional projects. And as a creator myself, the game is all about balance.

How much personality to put in, how much polish out, do you want people to connect to it on a personal or political level, how much should you appeal to people on an emotional level? And it is rare to see a project that balances all of these sliding scales as well as Somewhere in Between does.

It keeps the personal front and center without ever feeling unprofessional, and while humor is used the situations never feel sensationalized or unreal. And in talking to the creator Gracie May we found that is the case, the stories depicted in the comics are the experiences of the creator and it is clear to see that because of the personal nature of the comic it becomes more relatable. And though this may seem like a contradiction we find that in many other forms of art this exists as well.

Though it is often said the creator must remove themselves from the work as much as they can, it is seen time and time again that not only is that impossible but it often turns out that the most universally felt and understood pieces of art are those that are most intimate. And in this comic, it is no different. While the scenes depicted are from the creator's life they feel familiar to many queer people. And through that the personal becomes political.

Though the comic primarily explores the life of the creator it is often found that those experiences are shared ones. And by bringing these events to the front, the comic opens the floor to discussion and exploration of the realities of queer life. The life of the creator becomes something people can not only relate to but explore the reasons behind and it opens a realm that many projects (including our own) don’t explore.

While in some projects it is important to keep the content as removed from the creator as one can, in this comic it is the connection between the work and the creator that makes it extraordinary.

So check out this work. Support a queer creator taking control of the queer narrative and help them make queer history.