This project tends to cover sensitive and emotionally charged topics and we want to do that in the most responsible way possible, so we have this list of resources for self care. Take what you need.

Amazing Queer Media:

The Penumbra Podcast
Somewhere in Between
The Switch

Queer Literature:

Bluestocking Bookstore
Carnation Books
Queer Pack Publishing
Sarah Remy

Hope & Validation:

Jeffrey Marsh 
Queer History Articles with Happy Endings
Portraits of 19th & 20th Century Queer People
Portraits of Queer People Throughout History


Vegan Comfort Food
Vegetarian Comfort Food
Gluten Free Comfort Food
Comfort Food for People with No Restrictions

Body & Heart:

Jade & Fox Co.
High Moon Femme
Ace Shop Co.
Wallace Hope

Take care of yourselves everyone, and remember you can always email us at