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Making Queer History has a vague title because it has a rather vague purpose. We run a series of articles and a podcast that work to tell the stories of the queer communities history. We are not alone in this aim; other projects have done what we are doing, and they have done it with more funding and more experience. What makes us different is that we are not only focused on the past; we are looking towards the future.

While every article and podcast episode may begin with the sharing of knowledge about queer people/events throughout history most of them end by bringing it back to the now. Because we are working not only to teach people about our history but to bring that history into terms relevant to the present in a segment fondly referred to as “the moral of the story”. Whether we talk about intersectionality, the revolution in just being happy, or reacting to global events, we always work to make the history relevant to your day-to-day life.

When we are not researching queer people who existed in our communities history, we discuss the people who are making history right now. Monthly we look at other queer creators and show you what they are doing so you can find more people to keep an eye out for. Our project is by, for, and about queer people.

We will work to give you information about our community’s past and resources to help in making our community’s  future a brighter one. So become a patron if you can so you can help us continue doing this. Learning queer history may be great, but making queer history is far greater.

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