2018 Queer Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Guide 2.jpg

A queer-owned health and beauty shop selling personalized bath products including bombs, salts, herbs, and soap, as well as handmade clothing.

Voices in Counterpoint: A poetry conversation about dominance and submission is an art and poetry novel written by two queer women about kink, sexuality, the dynamics, and how the two women are mirrors of each other in their exploration of dominance and submission. Mature content.

A queer-owned shop of watercolour, ink, and digital wall art, home decor, and stationery, as well as stunning nature photography.

A jewelry and accessory shop offering queer and magical items. The shop exists with the aim to bring representation and positivity with inclusive, affordable pieces full of bright colours, gemstones, natural elements and glitter.

Rainbow Flowers: An Exploration of Yoga and Identity is a book telling stories of queer folks and their experiences with yoga.

A shop offering queer tarot, including A Queerer Tarot, hand-embroidery, fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap. Their Color Theory Oracle Deck is currently available on Kickstarter.

A shop run by Dean, the editor of Making Queer History. Their work focuses as much on disability-representation as it does coffee.

Of course, the Making Queer History shop; the perfect place to find all your queer goodies all year round.