Osh-Tisch, the Warrior

Osh-Tisch was a leading baté of the Crow nation and held an esteemed position in her society. In the Crow nation, it was not only acceptable for one to be baté, but they were often regarded highly as being the bridge between the two genders. Being baté, Osh-Tisch was allowed to take on both traditionally female and traditionally male roles and was known for excelling at both. She was esteemed not only for the amazing sewing skills that earned her the right to make the Crow Chief Iron Bull’s a buffalo skin lodge, but she was also known for her ferocity in battle. In fact, her strength as a warrior is what earned her the name Osh-Tisch, which translates to “finds them and kills them.” Not only incredibly threatening and impressive, but it also refers to the time she helped another soldier by shooting a wounded enemy in the Battle of Rosebud.

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