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“Today we look at the footnote, the home of many queer people throughout history, and we look closer.”

Through our history we can look toward the future of queer media makers, creators, educators, activists, and those making history daily by living their lives. We share queer history with audiences using their experiences. From those first diving into queer history to those deeply involved in the study, we offer workshops, talks, and lectures for all levels. With speakers located in the United States and Canada, we have a number of workshops on topics like the history of queer media, disability and queerness, and more.


Our Speakers


Laura Mills | Edmonton


Dean Strauss | Chicago


Our Workshops



Canadian Queer History

Learn about the history of queerness throughout Canada.



Stories & Lessons

Three chosen stories of queer history and what they teach us.


The History of Queer Media

Explore queer film and television of yesterday and tomorrow.



US Queer History

Learn about the history of queerness throughout the US.


Disability & Queerness

Dive into the history of disabled queer folks. (US only)




Explore the history of asexuality from people, symbols, and movements.


Workshop Series

One workshop just isn’t enough? Consider bringing us in for a multi-day workshop series! With your chosen topic or topics, we’ll prepare a series of in-depth workshops going into far more detail than one workshop can offer. Whether you’re interested in a monthly series or a week-long training, we can work with you to design the perfect series for you.

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